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Crypto Cards are Now Available in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Peru

The list of countries and currencies supported by WhiteEX crypto cards has expanded. We are welcoming users from Latin America!

Users from Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Peru can now use WhiteEX to buy cryptocurrency with local currency, donate cryptocurrency cards and top up on the WhiteBIT cryptocurrency exchange.

Currencies and Limits in Latin America

*WhiteEX also supports other currencies, namely: Arab Emirates Dirham, British pound sterling, Euro, Indian Rupee, Indonesian Rupiah, Kenyan Shilling, Nigerian Naira, Turkish lira, Ukrainian hryvna, United States dollar, Vietnamese dong.
**You can also choose Visa/MasterCard to pay in your local currency, which will be converted into USD/EUR.

How to Buy Crypto Gift Cards and Top-Up Cards

  1. Buy a virtual card on whiteex.com.

  2. Receive a virtual card with a one-time secret code via email.

  3. Enter this code on the WhiteBIT exchange, the largest crypto exchange in Europe.

  4. An amount equal to the amount of the card will be credited to your WhiteBIT balance.

The entire process usually takes three to five minutes. Try it yourself!

Join the Crypto Revolution with WhiteEX

WhiteEX makes the decentralized economy accessible even in countries where access is limited. Thanks to gift & top-up cards, you can buy USDT for Brazilian Real, Mexican Peso, Chilean Peso, Colombian Peso and Peruvian Sol using your country's bank card. Top-up on WhiteBIT — and unlock 350+ crypto trading pairs on one of the largest exchanges!
The cards offer reasonable exchange rates in comparison to those on P2P. WhiteEX allows you to buy cryptocurrency more cheaply than usual.


Can I buy any other currencies, except for USDT?

USDT is a liquid cryptocurrency that is convenient to start with. After depositing USDT to WhiteBIT, you can easily exchange them to any other available currency (both fiat and crypto).

Can I share my code with someone else?

The one-time code can be used by anybody, but only once. So, if you want to share this code as a gift, you can do it.

Can I make a unique design for my gift card?

Yes, you can do it. We cooperate with Kulibin Studio to create unique designs.

Is using WhiteEX legal in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Peru?

Yes, this is completely legal in these and all other countries of Latin America, except for Bolivia, so you can feel free to purchase crypto using WhiteEX cards.