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Crypto Cards are Now Available in the EU, Britain and Turkey

WhiteEX is entering new markets! Now you can finally buy a cryptocurrency card for the Euro, British pound and Turkish lira easily. Buy USDT, gift cryptocurrency cards and top up your balance on WhiteBIT more favourably than on P2P, without currency conversion!

EUR, GBP and TRY Payment Methods and Transaction Limits

*WhiteEX also supports other currencies, namely: the Arab Emirates Dirham, Brazilian Real, Chilean Peso, Colombian Peso, Indian Rupee, Indonesian Rupiah, Kenyan Shilling, Mexican Peso, Nigerian Naira, Peruvian Sol, Ukrainian Hryvna, United States Dollar and Vietnamese Dong.
**Some currencies that are not mentioned in the list can also be used to buy a WhiteEX card, but they have to be converted into USD or EUR.

Europe (EUR): Seamless Crypto Card Transactions

European financial company regulators have strict policies and can sometimes block a card or delay a transaction when dealing with cryptocurrency, especially when it comes to buying crypto via P2P. WhiteEX is a convenient alternative. You can buy a top-up card directly from your card at whiteex.com and use the code to top up directly on the cryptocurrency exchange.

Britain (GBP): Crypto Gift Cards in the UK

Buying cryptocurrency in the UK can also sometimes be difficult due to the strict regulations of the financial system. WhiteEX allows you to speed up this process and deposit USDT to your balance in just 3-5 minutes. Buy crypto gift cards in the UK without problems!

Türkiye (TRY): Cryptocurrency Cards in Turkish Lira

Despite the fact that crypto trading is legal in Turkey, users experience difficulties when buying it with a Turkish bank card. That's why we've created a convenient workaround. WhiteEX allows you to buy a cryptocurrency card using Fast.

How to Buy Crypto Gift Cards and Top-Up Cards

Purchase a digital card at whiteex.com. You'll get an email containing a unique, single-use code. Use this code on the WhiteBIT exchange, Europe's largest cryptocurrency trading platform. The value of the card will be added to your WhiteBIT account. This procedure typically takes three to five minutes. Experience it firsthand.

Simplified Buying of Cryptocurrency Gift Cards With WhiteEX

From now on, users from Great Britain, Turkey and countries of the European Union can easily purchase cryptocurrencies in GBP, TYR and EUR. When compared to P2P, the exchange rates offered by the cards are better for users.


Can I deposit any other currency, besides USDT?

The most widely used stablecoin, USDT, and WhiteBIT's native coin, WBT, are the two available currencies. You can convert the money you put into any available currency after it has been deposited into the cryptocurrency exchange.

Why is it called a “gift” card?

WhiteEX cards can be used as an original gift. Gifting cryptocurrency is much more interesting than just giving money in an envelope. However, you can also use the card yourself to top up your own balance on the exchange.

What is the lowest and the largest amount that I can deposit at once?

A minimum of 10 USDT is required. The table above shows the transaction's upper limits.

Is it legal to use WhiteEX in the UK, Turkey, and the European Union?

Yes, we follow the law and only operate in countries that allow us to operate. The countries listed above are included in this list.