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Crypto Cards are Now Available in the UAE, Indonesia, Vietnam, Nigeria and Kenya

WhiteEX continues to expand geographically. We are happy to welcome crypto enthusiasts from new countries!

Crypto Gift Cards and WhiteBIT Top-Up Cards are now available in the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Vietnam, Nigeria and Kenya. You can buy them in your local currency and deposit USDT to WhiteBIT, the largest European crypto exchange.

New Currencies and Their Limits

*WhiteEX also supports other currencies, namely: Brazilian Real, British Pound Sterling, Chilean Peso, Colombian Peso, Euro, Indian Rupee, Mexican Peso, Peruvian Sol, Turkish Lira, Ukrainian Hryvna and United States Dollar.
**You can also choose Visa/MasterCard to pay in your local currency, which will be converted into USD/EUR.

How to Buy Crypto Gift Cards and Top-Up Cards

  1. Buy a virtual card on whiteex.com.

  2. Receive a virtual card with a one-time secret code via email.

  3. Enter this code on the WhiteBIT exchange, the largest crypto exchange in Europe.

  4. An amount equal to the amount of the card will be credited to your WhiteBIT balance.

The entire process usually takes three to five minutes. Try it yourself!
  1. Visit whiteex.com and purchase a virtual card.

  2. Get an email with a virtual card with a one-time secret code.

  3. Activate the code on WhiteBIT exchange.

  4. Your WhiteBIT balance will be credited with the same amount as the card.

It normally takes 3-5 minutes to complete the process. Give it a go!

Simplified Buying of Cryptocurrency Gift Cards With WhiteEX

Even in nations where access to the crypto world is limited, the decentralized economy is made accessible through WhiteEX. Purchase crypto scratch cards right away from your bank card in Nigeria, Kenya, the UAE and Indonesia, or do so through VietQR in Vietnam. Top up on WhiteBIT to have access to more than 350 cryptocurrency trading pairs on one of the biggest platforms!
WhiteEX is a boat that helps you cross the river from the fiat shore to the crypto shore! And the journey only takes a few minutes!
Extra benefit! When compared to P2P, the exchange rates offered by the cards are modest. You can purchase cryptocurrencies for less money than normal thanks to WhiteEX.


Are there other cryptocurrencies available to buy through WhiteEX?

There are two currencies available: USDT (the most popular stablecoin) and WBT (the native coin of WhiteBIT). After depositing funds at the crypto exchange, you can convert them to any available currency you want.

Can I give my one-time code as a gift?

Of course, this is not only prohibited, but also encouraged. A unique code is a convenient way to give cryptocurrency to others. We can even design a unique card for you so you can gift it to your loved ones.

What is the minimum and maximum amount of crypto I can buy with WhiteEX?

The minimum amount is 10 USDT. The upper limits of transactions are indicated in the table above.

Is using WhiteEX legal in the UAE, Indonesia, Vietnam, Nigeria and Kenya?

Yes, buying and trading crypto is completely legal in all the countries mentioned. However, you can’t use bank transfers to purchase crypto in Vietnam — this is why you have to buy WhiteEX cards via VietQR.