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What is WhiteEX. Review of the cards for crypto currency purchase

During the war in Ukraine very little is happening on the crypto market in terms of innovation. And to be honest, it isn’t up to this. But situation with BTC course is stabilizing gradually with the introduction of the interesting offers. Let us focus on the WhiteBit stock and WhiteEX innovation – plastic cards for crypto currency purchase for fiat or stock balance top-up cards.

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While you are reminiscing about mobile scratch-cards, we’ll show you how WhiteEX works, who are the cards for and why they are really convenient to enter the crypto world.

There are 2 types of WhiteEX cards: hryvna and stable coin Tether. You can use the card either for crypto purchase or to top up your balance on WhiteBIT stock. 

The last one is somehow a little controversial – WhiteBIT clients have better ways to top up balance. But for WhiteEX crypto starters, the cards are definitely simple and clear guide to the crypto community. 

How does WhiteEX work?

We are talking about Noughties and mobile scratch cards for a reason. WhiteEX has the same functions:

  1. First of all, install WhiteBIT app on your smartphone

  2. Next log in or sign in on the stock

  3. Press “Activate Code” in the “Codes” section

  4. Scan the QR-code on the flipside or enter the code under the QR

  5. Coin, your time has come – scratch the security field with the password. 

  6. Enter the password – money will be deposited on your stock account immediately.

Who should try WhiteEX?

According to the product analysis it is obvious that it is more suitable for crypto starters. When everything seems complicated and you don’t know who to trust, the card appears to be an easy and painless decision. 10 minutes, several simple actions – and you’ll have a positive balance on the one of the biggest Europe crypto stocks. 

Active customers will also appreciate the advantage even if it’s rather difficult to imagine the situation when they use the top-up card.

WhiteEX as a gift and business highlight

WhiteBIT has connected past and present, nostalgie and vision. In the highly virtual crypto world there appeared a thing you can easily touch and feel. It is well-known that tactile contact increases the level of trust - and that is the key point dealing with crypto currency.

It follows the possibility for WhiteEX to be not only the product for IT-specialists but also a great decision for HRs. Rather than creating new merch design, brand WhiteEX cards can be considered by companies as an option gift for staff. It is up-to-date, unique and convenient.


  • Safety and usability. Crypto currency is purchased by cash or from card and can be used to top up the WhiteBIT stock balance.

  • There are WhiteEX cards of various denominations (hryvna or USDT)

  • The distribution network to buy WhiteEX cards is actively expanding


  • To use WhiteEX card it is necessary to create or have an account on WhiteBIT stock

  • The production cost and distribution commissions are included into card’s price, therefor the card price is higher than the nominal itself.


WhiteEX is a clear decision for those who considers crypto currency as an investment instrument. Thus you become not only investors, but also a part of the tried-and-true stock, where you can delve into crypto currency details, get trading experience in practical way or simply store your funds in such a way.