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TOP-5 gifts for crypto dummies

The traditional business gift culture is not so obvious but definitely has a clear advantage. 

Customers, partners and moreover staff appreciate genuine attention that comes from the heart. 

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How to choose the right present? First of all, take into account one’s needs and wishes. For instance, as an HR you’ve noticed your co-worker is talking a lot about cryptocurrency. He stays on topic but there are obstacles to take the first step. Great! Now as you’ve got the request, the aim is to fulfill it, choosing the best occasion (i.e. company’s birthday, anniversary etc.)

So what is the best gift for crypto not-yet-dummies? This is the top-5 to help you. Here we go!


WOW-effect gift and a huge benefit for the owner in the long run.

The great advantage of NFT – is a huge variability. Non-fungible token can be a piece of music, GIF-card or simply the picture you create yourself according to customers’ personal “likes” and interests.

You can buy NFT on the special marketplaces. Among the most popular are Open Sea and Rarible. But bear in mind that both you and the person you give NFTgift should have the crypto wallet. 

Online and offline wallets

A gift that encourages you to buy cryptocurrency.

It’s obvious you need a storage for any currency. Cryptocurrency isn’t an exception. There are two types of crypto wallets: online (hot) wallet and offline (cold) wallet – the so-called special flash-card for crypto storage.

There are specific features for both types. While registering “hot” wallet you receive a security phrase (as a rule long and complicated) for access. It should be given to the future owner. If the phrase will be lost – the wallet access will be lost as well.

There is the same problem with the “cold” wallet too. It is more reliable but it can be easily lost or thrown by accident. Have you ever heard about crypto investors searching for the wallets with thousand hundred dollars exploring garbage dumps for years? In fact, that’s a sad reality. Matter of password is of high importance in this case.


The gift that is at the same time the easiest way to purchase cryptocurrency.

Some exchanges in Europe and the USA have their own top-up cards. The first exchange to provide top-up cards in Ukraine is WhiteBIT. The principle of work is the same as those well-known mobile top-up cards in 2000th.

There are 2 types of WhiteEX cards: Hryvna cards and stablecoin Tether. When the card is your’s all you need is flipside instructions and 10 minutes – you create an account on exchange, activate code and enter the security code from the card – cryptocurrency will be deposited immediately on your main balance. In this case you not only purchase cryptocurrency but also have an access to the platform where you can buy and sell other currencies.

Talking about business gift it’s a great idea to brand the card. That’s why WhiteEX Card is the creative decision for HRs who no longer wants to concern about merch design.

Crypto Books 

A gift for those who values knowledge

Professional literature is a reliable guide in the crypto field. Considering the rapid development of crypto world, some of the books are outdated. But the perfect one to begin with is Nathaniel Popper “Digital Gold: Bitcoin and the Inside Story of the Misfits and Millionaires Trying to Reinvent Money”. This is the story of bitcoin development from entertainment to the worldwide trend.

Additional option is the trading course. When it’s time to purchase and when it’s high time to sell? What currencies you should definitely buy and what to avoid? Professional traders will share their experience. 


Smart-watch for currency rate tracking

A gift that looks ahead toward future

There are three things you can watch forever: fire burning, water flowing and another person checking exchange rate on Coinmarketcap via smartphone. Sooner or later all crypto owners are starting to do this. 

To ease one’s and your’s daily routine use a smart-watch. Don’t worry, there’s no need to buy the Apple Watch. Any smart-watch that can display the currency rate is suitable. All you need is the proper app (either free or subscribed).